The Kawerau Scout Group was registered by the Boy Scout Association of New Zealand on 8 September 1954. 


"The Kawerau Scout Group Scarf Patch"


​Our scarf patch represents Henry Hudson's ship. 

It was first used by the Henry Hudson group in Canada and one of the first scout leaders in this area, brought some of these patches with him. We still use this emblem today as our group emblem.

Henry Hudson was an English explorer and sea captain. He made four voyages in an attempt to discover a northern route between Europe and Asia. He never found this, but did explore the Hudson River, Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay.

In 1610, Hudson's ship, "Discovery" found Hudson Bay which they explored. In 1611, after spending the winter ashore, he tried to force his men to continue the search, but they mutinied and cast Hudson and his supporters adrift in a small boat. They were never heard of again.

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